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The pitter patter of...

...starfish tentacles.

My brain is storming with thoughts and my camera has been taken out more than once in the past two day, however I haven't taken the time to come here to write. Why? Because I'm at the beach and when I haven't been driving or diving (more like flopping mindlessly in the waves), I've been too tired to keep my eyes open. However I did call to ensure that we had an internet connection just so that I wouldn't get out of the habit of daily writing. So here I am!

I'm making my way through the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society book and finding it to be a complete treasure. There is at least one line in every letter throughout the book that is worth jotting down. My intention is to go back through it and journal the ones that I find, but that is just intention. We'll see how the week goes.

I'm amazed at how valuable time spent in the car driving can be. It gives me time to complete thoughts that would normally go interrupted by responsibility. In the car there is truly nowhere to go and nowhere else to be - it forces presence. And by forces I guess I mean brings - because I welcome it entirely.
I've gotten a lot of great photos for my friday shootout posting! The beach offers texture in a completely vibrant way, especially for an Ohio girl. It's hard for me not to share them early. But, I'm going to be patient and wait!!!

Why don't I come here more often?!?!?!

Until I write again, trust that I'm Happy as a Clam in High Tide. Never heard the complete saying? Me either until I looked up the meaning a couple years ago. I thought it was here's the story for you.

"The saying is very definitely American, hardly known elsewhere. The fact is, we’ve lost its second half, which makes everything clear. The full expression is happy as a clam at high tide or happy as a clam at high water. Clam digging has to be done at low tide, when you stand a chance of finding them and extracting them. At high water, clams are comfortably covered in water and so able to feed, comparatively at ease and free of the risk that some hunter will rip them untimely from their sandy berths. I guess that’s a good enough definition of happy."
Explanation from World Wide Words


Anonymous said…
Oh Jamie, I am so jealous! And I can't wait to see your shoot out. I love the beach more than anywhere else in the world. The sound of the waves, the smell of the water - it is jus so calming. Enjoy!
cp said…
Looks like you are having a great time.

My now old coworkers and I were talking last week about the best place to talk to your children about serious issues (sex, drugs, etc) is in a car because you aren't sitting directly in front of them and you have nowhere else to go.

I love car trips. Miss you both.

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