Life is good - More Inspiration from the Road

I'm still really digging my license plate inspirations.

It's not as easy to get the photos while driving as you'd think - I'm dangerous in hot pursuit. Sometimes it's worth it though.

Cheers to the people who inspire me during my every drive.


So is the book Animal Vegetable Miracle. It's like listening to food porn on my way to and from work every day.

Vegetables are amazing. There's so much I didn't know. Makes me a bit sad that I never took the time to start my garden this year. Maybe next. Maybe next.

Did you know that it takes 3 years from when you plant an asparagus plant before you can harvest a crop and that you only have one day to harvest a chute before you are too late?? Chew on that for a while.


mo said…
considering all that goes into it, i think we should say a little "thank you" prayer every time we eat asparagus!

we'd end up praying a lot!
~JarieLyn~ said…
I have a habit of looking at license plates becuase in the state of Nevada, there are so many vanity plates. I am always inspired or amused at some point during my drive.
I never knew that about asparagus. Good tidbit to share with your readers.

Have a great day.
Audrey said…
Vegetable porn - hmmm...can't say as I have ever heard of that before! LOL! I was just thinking about you and your licence plates on my way to work today! You have me watching out for them now!

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