Rejection - it's spelled the same at 17 and 31

Facebook is a treasure to me. I love it for connecting. However I have noticed that it opens doors for me to get rejected over my 17 year old failings at the age of 30.

The friend request that is ignored. The letter that goes unanswered. The apology not accepted, because "Jamie, I don't care about that anymore" which really means "Jamie, I don't care about you at all." And I know. It's logical. I get it. But it's rejection the same.

And some days my brain gets fixated on it and I can't figure out why.

It's like I want to keep hitting that "Request so-and-so as a friend" button, because surely they just didn't see it the first time. They can't still dislike me. They are friends with this person and that person...could I have been that worthless of an old connection?

The answer is a resounding "YES".

Sometimes we just are that something that other people don't have a need for. And that should be okay.

I must move on from it and let it go. It's not important, I know.

But rejection is spelled the same at 17 and 31 - and seeing it any other way is easier said than done.


GingerV said…
these are just feelings you never get over. I am sixty and still feel rejected by things that other people never even realize are happening. there are two kinds of people in the world - thick skinned and thin skinned if you are thin there just is no answer for the hurts.
along time ago I worked with emotionally disturbed kids - we played games trying to decrease their sensitivity to rejection - you as the question is it your problem or theirs - if it is your problem you can try changing it - if theirs you ignore....
can be useful thinking.
Doreen said…
I'm with you. I am a thin skinned person as GingerV says. my feelings are hurt easily. always have been that way. but then so many of my friends say I am so brave and independent and so on and so on. you are probably a very compassionate person. right?

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