I'm Sorry

I’ve been a selfish blogger recently…and I’m sorry.

I’ve been trying to collect my self – anxiety is on high and I really want to make my way through it without spreading it like the plague. So, with that, I have gone a bit silent.

I’m on a retreat inside my head.

But I will share this little something I wrote about photography – my reason to cling the art form…my inspiration for my own work.

“Although a photo lens can capture an image in the hands of anyone – a photo isn’t art until it can transport you, absorb you, bring you into a moment entirely outside of your own.

I want my photos to have sound, taste and emotion – all instigated by the eye.”

Yogi Teabag Quote of the Day - "Recognize that you are the truth."


GingerV said…
I am not supper imaginative when taking photos, my eye is caught by the color or the light or an expresion especially on the face of children. but artistic no... just enjoy taking photos that help me share my experiences with others. enjoy the moment, take the photo, save the 1 in 100 that is really good in a seperate file, pretty soon you will be getting 5 in 100 then 10 in 100 really good ones.... but number one enjoy yourself.
Barry said…
I came looking for the Friday shootout, but I found your comments interesting.
~JarieLyn~ said…
Yep, we all need a little retreat inside our heads every now and then. Thank you for your kind words to me earlier today. I love what you wrote about your photography. That in itself, is art, the way you articulaated your words.

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