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Here I Will Find Rest

I’m in a space. A dainty little living room inside my head. Here I toss open the delicately patterned blinds, water the flowers, and gently fold a quilt over the back of the couch. Sunshine pours in and I throw myself back into the cushions. Mentally flipping through the pages of my life, I drift off to sleep. Here I will find rest.
Other things going on in my life…

1. I’m entering a writing contest with an essay and I’ve really had my head wrapped around making it right before shipping it off. I’d share it here, but that would disqualify me from entering it.
2. I’m not comfortable making mixes for people, but I’ve been trying to stretch my boundaries and I’ve taken on the making of one. For some people that may be a small task, for me it has been consuming. However, I am enjoying it thoroughly.
3. I’m just a bit emotionally exhausted and I’m taking a bit of time to collect myself.
4. I saw Julie and Julia and I’m completely in love with the movie. So. So. So. So Good.
5. I want and need to take a photography class.
6. And, to be honest work is busier than ever…so I’ve really been consumed.

What’s going on in your lives?
What are you doing to keep yourself enriched?
What's the most beautiful thing you've seen lately?


~JarieLyn~ said…
I really like the beginning of your post. It's very good.

I want and need to take a photography course too.

Lately, I've been studying and learning about destiny cards. Most of my time has been absorbed in that book and on this computer reading blogs.

I've been quite lazy lately.

Still searching for something.....not sure what.

Have a great week and good luck in the writing contest. I hope you will update us on the results.
stephanie said…
the most beautiful thing ive seen latley are the decorating ideas in my head....consumed with a new living space and how to make it home.i love it.i also saw the twins picking and eating rasberries in the garden today, priceless.

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