Tuesday Gratitude-day

It's good practice to recognize the good in everything.
It doesn't change the challenge of things, but it does slant the way you perceive things - and to me that's worth it.

Today I'm thankful for:

1. Being up early has allowed me to witness a world that starts long before I usually do. I saw at least two people over the age of 60 jogging before I even got to work. I’m grateful to have witnessed this.

2. I realize every day how lucky I am to experience deep meaningful love with the people in my life. I could talk about any number of people in a given moment and get tears in my eyes based purely out of love.

3. I’ve got a huge list of songs that I want to download all opened up to me because I agreed to push my boundaries and participate in a mix swap. Now I’m writing down song after song that I love and never heard before. It’s a great experience.

4. On a completely unexpected whim I allowed myself a few indulgences in the dress and accessory category. Among them is this awesome necklace that I’m happy to say makes me squeal in joy when I look at it.


Dana said…
Aww how inspiring!

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