Friday Shootout: Signs

I'm all off guys...and I'm sorry. Here's my post for last week's topic!!!!


Queenet said…
J. doesn't Canoli have only one "n" in it? Your writings are awesome I have been neglectful with my blogging, but have been writing for my Writing class and 2 Writer roundtables that I belong to. Not to mention remodeling our kitchen! I have my ticket for LV in Nov. Are you going? Love to the family, A. Elaine
~JarieLyn~ said…
The last sign is pretty cool.
Doreen said…
these are funny signs. better late than never they say. but who are they?
J9 said…
I like the last one - too funny!
Carrie said…
Cannoli has 2 "n"s and lots of mmmmmmmm! What an odd sign - and now I am hungry for cannoli.

Thieves won't bother to break into the fronts of cars now...they'll just start with the trunk after seeing that first sign!

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