Monster of Negativity

I will always try to change a situation before I let it change me. That’s not to say that I’m inflexible, I will always be open to growth. However if I notice that something in my current reality has me feeling heavy, down or negative – I am going to change it, or at the very least my perception of it.

I want to say this gently, because it isn’t by any means meant to be a hard set of rules or a judgment…just something to consider. Admittedly, some circumstances in life put us in a place of prolonged struggle and we deal with those however we can for as long as we need to. Certain pains are outside of the reality of this post.

But what I want to say is this:

Venting is healthy. Dwelling is not. Especially when that dwelling starts to cast a heavy dark shadow over you that leaks out to everyone around you.

We aren’t always going to like to the situations that we find ourselves in. I’m certain of this. It’s hard to change. It’s hard to stretch our comfort zones. It’s hard when we feel compromised for any reason.

However if we spend every moment resisting situations…well, then they become bigger negative situations with more power. We then risk forgetting how to enjoy life because we are too busy reflecting the bad things.

I do want to say in all honesty that I believe venting is good. Pretending is not necessarily healthy either. Try to push the stress out vocally – but don’t let it cloud your every moment. Live in the better parts of reality. Genuinely find the good. Appreciate the individuals sharing the struggle with you. Appreciate the people who spend their time helping you to see the good. And if something is really just not working – find ways to modify it until it is.

It’s okay to make positive change in life – but it’s always easier to see possibility and to make change when you don’t allow yourself to become a monster of negativity along the way.


~JarieLyn~ said…
I agee. I have a best friend who is constantly dwelling on the negative. It's exhausting trying to steer her toward the positive.

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