It's official - I'm obsessed

I love this photo supply store.

Once I get my next paycheck I'm going to reward myself with a treat.

What should I get?
corner stick-ums

Also, isn't this a fun gift to buy for someone?
doodle frame

Sidenote: I'm collecting old windows to turn into paintings and photo frames.

I have such a need to create right now.

Here's to hoping that I follow through!


Lindy Loo said…
Plagiarist! Ha ha ha. JK. Though I HAVE been collecting old windows for (sort of) the same reason. I have three as of right now. Had I known this, I would've had Peppermint hang on to a couple of hers for you. She offered them to me, but I told her I should probably do something with the first three before I start hording more. Alas!

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