Balls of Yarn - But Not How You Would Expect

I was going to title this post "Things that Frighten Me" and mingle this online find in with other things that have been jittering my mind lately.

Then I realized that this is good enough to have its own post...and that I'm not really frightened so much as completely made curious.

Check out this knitted creation by Anne Maltz complete with, well, EVERYTHING.

What do you think about this art project?


dana said…
Ummm, WTF?
Audrey said…
Oh good grief! This is PRECISELY why I don't knit! I may have to borrow this pic at some time Jamie ;)
mo said…
I find it very creepy that the little girl is fondling yarn genitalia and the father is assisting.

Michelle said…
My next Halloween costume!

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