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Circa 1998 - Nick

I wanted to share this photograph that i took of my brother for my college photography class.

I was cleaning out my bedroom last night for approximately 3 hours...and uncovered so many things from my life during the end of highschool/beginning of college period.

I went through such a range of emotions looking through things, spending at least one hour allowing myself to mourn the past and all the parts of me that it kept for itself.

Nick and I were hip to hip for a lot of his growing up (and mine too). I'm just so proud of him and everything he's accomplished as an adult, but I also can't help but feel a little sad looking back and see how much time has gone by.

The moments in life pass us as quickly as they approach - it's so important that we give our all to the people we share our current moments with. The people that are standing in front of us letting us know that "This time with you matters. I'm here now because I want to be."

I can't believe how much I'd give to go back and just relive a few of my memories with the people that were and are so important to me.

We may not realize it at the time, but each moment is part of a collection of time that dwindles with each passing day. The faces and voices that occupy today can too quickly turn into memories and "i wish I saw you more(s)" and "I miss you so much(es)".

Don't take it all for granted. Figure out the things that matter most to you and hang onto them with every fiber of your being. Keep your place amongst the people that care for you. Don't get distracted with useless problems or with people who aren't giving back. Look around and love what is before you - NOW.

You have to attend to the things that you want to sustain.

Yogi teabag quote of the day: "The moment you love, you are unlimited."


Nick James said…
I was hooked to the best hip I ever knew. Those were the years when you played such a vital role in me becoming an entertainer. Time has passed, the hips have separated, but our souls are still connected. I love you sister...entirely, entirely.
Natalie said…
Lovely and very wise words, Jaime.

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