Real ugly doesn't show up in photos.

You know some days it's just impossible to sit and listen to a person giggle, I mean cackle, obnoxiously about the people you care about. You can't stop them. It's not worth pointing out their evils. They think they are entitled to their outbursts...which in reality I guess they are...but I don't want to have them imposed on my ears any longer.

It's really poisonous to listen to people thinking they are better than everyone else...or that their ways are the right ways...or that when bad things happen to people they deserve them. Unless of course those bad things are happening to them...then of course it's everyone else's fault.

That's the kind of ugly you can't capture on film...and quite honestly the only kind of ugly that even really exists.

(it's not coincidence that I didn't post a photo with this blog)


Queen Mama Mia said…
Hi Vitamin B-lardo. Thank you for supporting your brother and suggesting he start blogging. He is a fabulous writer and expresses himself and his journey with such deep passion and from within his soul. He must take after you! I'm learning now, but my writing skills leave alot to be desired. I'm enjoying this new avenue of electronics and communication and learning bit by bit as I go along. I'll try to add your blog to mine. Love, AuntiE
Pavitra said…
Oh wow! You are having a hard time dealing with whatever people are saying. I can take a guess on what u may be talking about esp. since your status post on facebook today seemed to relate to your blog.

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