The Tax(i) Man Can

Who can help you to have fun and get your taxes done??? The Tax(i) Man Can.

I was asked to take a picture of something that made me laugh...and when I passed this guy and chuckled a bit I thought I'd turn around and snap a shot. It proved more challenging than I thought because my original photo perch was too far away and I'd have had to zoom in quite a bit to get the shot.

But I decided to have a little fun and give my 70 mm lens a try for the first time.

After I snapped it on I felt like I was standing next to this man when he was clear across the street.

Truth be told, I realize that these pictures are not entirely in focus...using this lens is going to be something that I have to learn. When I zoom in on them the focus on his face is soft. Maybe that's the price of using the longer length lens. I'm not sure yet.

Either way ... remember 2 things.

1. Get your taxes done.
2. You can have a little fun while you are doing it.

Yes you can.

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Nick James said…
Glad you took a picture of something that made you laugh. It is funny.
Queen Mama Mia said…
The thought of getting my taxes done does not thrill me. I like your picture.

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