Ding. Take the stairs.

This is today's reminder that I can't be lazy. I have to work out. I have to be committed to getting back in shape. I don't want to carry around ten extra pounds, whether other people can see the difference in my figure or not. I feel better when I'm taking control of my body and my health...and i know for sure that I look better ten pounds lighter than I am right now.

I can feel my clothes clinging to my skin. I can feel my skin busting through the natural boundaries of my clothes. I really do not like either feeling. This always happens around this time of the year.

Before the Holidays I was told that I should try to make progress in my life by doing two things...reading The Tipping Point and taking the stairs. I've committed myself to doing both. But, I'm human.

There are days when I am feeling lazy and I walk over to the elevator and I push the button. Then I hear the ding. And like Pavlov's drooling dogs...my guilt starts welling inside of me. Then it erupts and actually stops me from getting into the elevator. It forces me to think of what I've said I want for myself.

Now, every time I hear that Ding I have to turn my reluctant and slightly larger booty around and get into the stairwell.

So, I climb. And I pant. And I feel better.
I am letting the Ding make a difference in my life.

Ding. You want something better for yourself.
Ding. You can change little by little if you just stop being lazy.
Ding. The day is today.
Ding. Take the stairs.

I think I need someone to follow me around with a bell. I have a lot of moments of weakness.


Nick James said…
We are too much alike :)

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