Pull over and shoot.

I want to start doing it more... just pulling the car over when I feel inspired and start snapping shots.

The first of our below zero windchill days here in Ohio, I did just that. I stopped my car on a side street in Parma and started looking at what was going on.

I noticed that there really were some "polar" opposites...depending on where I focused my attention.

First there was an overwhelming stillness and silence. Not many cars were on the road...and those that were probably found themselves in a gigantic traffic jam on the local interstates.

Then there was the interruption of the stillness with less than typical movement on the streets.

This boy was zipping around on his four wheeler much more efficiently and quickly than I had been in my little Ford Focus. I don't know if he was actually plowing or just having some fun...but I don't think on a non blizzard day his activity would have been welcomed on the streets. However, no one seemed to blink an eye at him in the blizzard. He was a welcomed distraction.


Nick James said…
I like the snowflakes in the second picture. You pull over and take pictures, I pull over and dance. haha

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