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File Size Lost :(

I'm a bit frustrated. In order to save space on my memory cards I've been downloading all of my new photos onto Snapfish. I had no idea that I would completely lose my file size by doing this. I went to upload a photo onto today and thought I could just grab it off of my Snapfish...the only place it now exists. File size of the images on Snapfish are too small even when you purchase the hi res photo. I've deleted them all off of my card so I guess I'll just have to find a better way of doing this moving forward. Any suggestions?? I don't have a computer with adequate memory for photos...and I don't yet own a portable hard drive. I'm guessing buying one of those is probably the best way to go, but if you have a better tell.


Jamie Belardo said…
Ok...on the hi res version I was able to stretch the photo a little larger with no problem, however I don't think I should have to pay Snapfish to give me back the file size on photos that I gave to them. It just a bit frustrating. My ignorance, but still frustrating.
mo said…
I think we should invest in an extra hard drive--using the apple too, for speed.

I'm sorry that happened--damn m'fin snapfish!
cp said…
Yeah... I'd recommend an external hard drive. Are you using any sort of Photo program? Adobe Lightroom is pretty nice to clean up any photo that is not bad but the lighting is off... it's a little cheaper than Photoshop and is user friendly.

As far as external hard drives go, I'd recommend this one:

Hope this helps.
lindyloo said…
Yeah, invest in an extra hard-drive. They're not that expensive. Oh, and btw: right after I told mo to tell you about jpgmag, I got an email saying that they're folding. So you'll probably want to stop uploading stuff onto their site ('cause it'll be gone soon). Just FYI!
Jamie Belardo said…
Courtney, oddly enough right after I wrote this I just purchased that Western Digital External Hard Drive. So good thing I bought the one you recommended...or I'd be having buyers remorse.

I didn't have the money for it but I did it anyways.

So, Maura I have one coming because I'm worried about losing my stuff.

Lindyloo...I saw that too, but I'm just going to keep using it until it's gone! They seem to be going back and forth about whether they are really disappearing.
cp said…
Ah, good to know! Hobbies always seem to come with some sort of investment, no?

That's definitely the best deal for your money. You will be happy down the road, even though it's tough now to understand. :) Maybe when you start selling your photos because you get so good you will be reimbursed, haha.

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