A flash from the past.

I started my day off right today. Woke up and headed to the gym for 45 minutes of weight lifting. If only I could remember while lying down and snuggled into the sheets how good I feel when I take the time to work out before work...maybe I'd do it more often.
AND>>> I'm cleaning my office up a bit today. And I mean really only a bit. It's a disaster area. I tend to create those.

While cleaning I found some old photos that I had in a box here. So, I'm sharing this one with you. We were in Orlando, Florida with the marching band wearing classy cotton dresses.
If only I'd have known then that those were the easiest times in life. I really had fun in high school, so I really have no complaints. But still, I don't think that it's a shame that we often don't know the true value of where we are until we've left.
I do try to live in the present most of the time, but like anyone else I get caught up.
Cheers to being a youth and living young always!

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Pavitra said…
I think I saw this pic. before. It took me a bit to spot you. Its been a while. So many similar hairstyles.
If only we would have understood that tight curls and flowery dresses would brand our look for life and scream "1994!" :) That was a fun trip! - Cat
Queen Mama Mia said…
J -- you resemble your Aunt Phyliss when she was younger. This is a good thing! Don't you just love going through old pics? Before our party, I went through 50 years -- Imagine 50 years!! of pics to use for the video. It was so memorable, as each one brought back precious times of the past and it took months. Queenet

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