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Sitting in a coffee shop. Staring at a coffee shop. Perked up by a bean.

In a floundering economy necessity and abundance become frequent topics of conversation and pondering.

And, here I am sitting in a coffee shop taking a little time to explore my blog when I glance over only to have my eyes met with a second coffee shop...not 20 steps away.

It makes me think that some things do continue to exist and seemingly thrive in abundance even when the economy is down.

The question is why.

I'm going to make a completely uneducated jump here and ask a what if. What if the things that survive in the toughest of times are the things that feed the body and the soul? Maybe the human need to feel warm, awake and connected wins over the wallet's need to feel tight and full.

Maybe when we are feeling the pinch of the times its smart that we don't give up on the little things. Maybe socializing and self reflection grow increasingly important. Maybe we are more willing to give up on big spends and put our focus on making the most out of the little ones...really savoring the flavor and conversation we find in coffee shops and in local bars.

Either way. I'm sitting in a coffee shop. Staring at a coffee shop. And my mind feels perked up by the bean.

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cp said…
Wishing I was sitting in a warm coffee shop now! They are pretty motivating places. Hope you are staying warm today. :)
Nick James said…
I agree with you what if. Sometimes it is the little things that make us feel like everything hasn't crumbled. Afterall, a latte has changed lately (haha i'm a sucker for pun).
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
Funny yesterday on NPR I heard that starbucks is doing some major layoffs and closings. Hmmm. I might have to reconsider my What if just a tad.

Although I must say Starbucks really isn't my favorite coffee. Too bitter.
Queen Mama Mia said…
Vitamin-B Don't forget wing nite @ Cleats on Wed. 5:30 or 6:00.

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