There was more on the line that night.

Maybe the interesting thing about this photo lies in more than the fiery orange of the sky, the lines darting off into the horizon, and the wispy accumulation of the clouds.

Maybe the interesting part was that at the start of an 8 hour drive, at the end of a wonderful weekend - we found a reason not to talk...a reason to create uncomfortable silence...a reason I can't even remember now as I type this.

In all situations it's how we ride the line in front of us that makes the biggest difference on where we end up. The longer we hang on to negative energy, resentment, fear, stubbornness ... the farther we are nudged out of the center lane...away from the light and into the darkness.

But that is not what happened to us that night. We both spent hours driving in silence, and in some small way we must have both kept our eyes directly forward on the light in the horizon, and peripherally on the softness of the clouds that lined and supported our way home.

So, we felt misunderstood. So, we took it out on the road. So, we drove it home. So.

The importance, the focal point, the light in all of that we did it together. And we moved through it...and past it...and we let it go.


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