My sister invited us all over to her house for a great seafood feast last week. I stalked every inch of the spread with my camera. This was my favorite picture of the night. The reason I posted it here is that I've been using software for photo juice up my photos here and there, and I think this one really did well with the color adjustment. It looked a lot more dull before I played with it.

I ran into an interesting challenge with a memory card today. I bought a 4 gig transcend memory card online and used it to take photos. The images showed up on the card through the camera...but my computer's built in card reader wouldn't recognize the card. I hooked my camera up to the computer and the photos kept freezing it and wouldn't upload. I actually had to take out the usb card reader to get the photos onto the computer.

My computer's card reader works on my other cards. I don't necessarily understand what's going on with it.

I feel like I need to give myself a photo challenge for the upcoming week. Any ideas?


Nick James said…
As you know from my last post, I have fallen behind with pictures. I've been thinking about something I can do to take more. My challenge that I am going to do, probably tomorrow, is to photograph anything that makes me laugh. Let me know what you think! You should try it too.
lindyloo said…
I dig Nick's suggestion. Suggestion for another week's assignment: Take a self-portrait. The catch is, *you* can't actually BE in the picture at all.

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