where oh what oh who is SHADOW?

A bizarre and possibly unwelcomed shadow has been showing up in some of my photographs....mostly the ones taken in my home.

Now I took this shot or similar about 15 times...and in just three of the photos there is this shadow lurking about.

Six of us in the room all a little perplexed by its appearance...I tried to recreate it on purpose with no luck.

Any ideas why this shapely lil object shows up in some but not others of photos taken in the same light from the same position?

Where is this obstruction of light coming from?

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Nick James said…
Creepy. It is a ghost.
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
I finally figured out that that shadow in my photos is coming from the flash on top of the camera. It somehow casts a shadow on itself if I turn the camera the wrong way. But flip it over and viola...it's gone.

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