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Playing with purpose.

My initial intent was to keep this blog exclusively for new photos and my journey through them. My journey forward. Now I'm sitting here in debate over whether it's necessary to keep the page dedicated to the lens or if I can allow it to become a place for me to detail how I see the world overall. Maybe I can capture images through words...through past photos...and as I progress forward with bigger and better technology.

So here's to an experiment to see if "all of me" fits on this one page.

I was thinking on my drive home about how much I love some of the gritty "poorer" quality photos that I take with my cell I keep two cell phones in my purse because they each take such different pictures.

I was able to complete my entire YOGI tea bag photo project on the ENVY from Verizon. The convenience of having it sitting on my desk at work each morning gave me something creative and inspirational to do at the start of each day...and it helped me ease up on the coffee habit I had to divorce to save my nerves and my throat.

With those photos I put together a collage that I was able to give as a Christmas present...and I kept one for myself as well. I really love it. I love the days it documents. The feelings it captures. The fact that as I was coming off a five month stint on Zoloft I was able to find a much subdued part of myself eager to come forward...eager to make the start of each day "okay".

Then I have my current cell phone that can't possibly have more than 2.0 megapixels...but it takes the best pictures of the sky. It doesn't flash and it allows me to grab movement and light in a surreal way.

I also used it to document a night of baking...and it captured the warmth and the visual flavor of all of the cookies.


mo said…
I say share it all. Don't edit who you are or what you see...past present's all you.

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