"You'll move mountains, kid."

I'm writing this blog just to say I'm proud. My brother really takes life into his own hands...he puts himself out there and he just goes for it. It being whatever he wants. His talent is beyond average...he's got the voice, the dance skills, and the personality to get wherever he wants to get.

But even beyond that...he's got uncompromised passion and the bravery to put himself out there. And these things add up. And he will go far. He will take himself far.

This boy knows what it means to LIVE. He knows what's important to him...and nothing, not even moments of fear or critique will get in his way. He's got what it takes.

Working it as CJ for Radio Disney.

He didn't make it onto the show...but he did make it onto the video clip. And heck, he's my idol anyways. Go baby bro.
Nick's Day with American Idol


Nick James said…
You'll make me cry a little. Thank you Jay, you mean the world to me. That was very nice. (I got emotional.)
mo said…
This inspiring fella is lucky to have a sister like you, who sees and believes in him with as much passion as you do.

And I'm lucky to know both of you. You both remind me that this life is too short to drift from what fuels my heart!

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