Apple. Peanut Butter. Discology.

My entire apple-eating existence just changed - here and now.

I eat an apple with peanut butter every day. A Granny Smith with Crunchy Reduced Fat Jif to be specific.

And every day I wage a battle of balance and sticky fingers. It's been a losing battle, trying to get the peanut butter evenly spread over the triangular shaped wedges that I've been cutting. Trying to not eat all the peanut butter in one bite, leaving the rest of the apple bare and unbalanced. Tasting more tart than nut in most bites.

Then today in a moment of discological genius I realized that I was going about it all wrong. I began to cut my apple, this time into discs. Thin little rounds perfect for sandwiching peanut butter, keeping it off my fingers and in perfect flavor balance for every bite.

Really it's amazing what a difference this is making.

I taste peanut better AND apple every time I bite. And I only have to spread the PB once.

Meow to Monday's.


Angeline said…
that is wonderful news. Have you tried Naturally More? It's peanut butter with flax, more protein, less fat and it's yum. I love my peanut butter and apples too.

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