Sad & Pretty

Do you know anyone so emotionally powerful that their presence can actually bring you to tears – overwhelming, wonderful, positive tears?

People like this are a rare find, but you’ll know when you’ve encountered one because some part of you will feel like it’s bursting out of it’s seams uncontrollably.

And that’s how my morning went. I saw an old friend who is amongst a handful of people that make me feel about myself what I want to feel and see.

My little life failures get set aside for a moment and my world spins full of the best of me. It’s not that they are gone or sugar coated – they just aren’t important. They aren’t the focus. The connection goes far beyond the day-to-day. It gets into what counts.

My friend, she nurtures my soul. I see the better parts of me around her. I laugh, and hard. It’s such a release to have moments of pure self acceptance – especially in the presence of someone else. Caring eyes. Understanding eyes. Forgiving eyes. Encouraging eyes. It’s huge and empowering. And I appreciate it so much when it comes along in my life.

I didn't even realize how much I had missed my friend. And as I drove away I felt overwhelmingly happy and slightly depressed all at once. A departure that was sad & pretty.

Thank God for layovers in Cleveland!

Find the people that set your soul free and hang on tight. True happiness exists in the presence of connections that go as deep and span as wide as the soul.


Anonymous said…
What an amazing post! Those people are very rare Jamie! I am happy that you have a friend like that. And you are wise to treasure that friend.

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