I'm going to stick with the topic of inspiration here, because it has been a good week for me.

Before I even posted my desire to begin communicating on a more intimate level via the USPS - my friend Amy (Amleru) had already written and sent me a postcard from the very book I referenced in my post Electronicspondance. That's a psychic connection we've had since the beginning of our friendship.

I always find myself retelling stories of our early days...these huge coincidences that just seemed to fall into place...turning perfect strangers into friends. One day I want her to retell the story to me to make sure I'm remembering everything right. Either way we've got a bit of a funky mind link that has served us well over the years.

I also received my first complete letter in the mail and managed to get one out as well. So, right now the effort is where the inspiration is. I love mail!!

My brother has been an amazing resource for great plate messages. He's finding one or two post worthy ones a day - I have to write stories behind them, but you'll see them popping up here and there.

I'm also looking to start take a few college courses to keep my brain stimulated and challenged. Finding the right courses to take is a bigger challenge than I expected...but I'm working on it.

It's all just feeling really good right now.

I hope that inspiration an action are lining up in your lives.


cp said…
I like your ring.

And your new attitude.

Hooray to us for acting upon our desires and wants out of life, instead of sitting back and saying 'I should.'

Audrey said…
Great post Jamie! I hope that you find a course that is suitable for you. I am thinking of taking violin lessons - I have wanted to learn to play for years - maybe now is the time!
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
violin is on my list too!
Audrey said…
Are you serious? You want to join our gang??? YEEEAAAH Jamie! I would love it! Okay...if you want to join in, I will sign you up with Gordon, and I will post your link on my site. We usually get out topic for the week on Sat and Sun, post on Fri. It is a blast! I would LOVE it if you joined!

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