Doodle the Day Away

I've been really creatively inspired lately. Wanting to use my hands. Wanting to make things. Wanting to think of new things to do and spend time on. It's exciting.

Whenever I'm in this stage of change I find myself doodling lots. Here's my new little friend from the weekend.

He needs a name. Any ideas?


Audrey said…
What a great sketch - are you sure it is a male? With those eyelashes and the camera sitting right there, I am thinking super model glam! This babe is birdalicious. But I am at a loss for a suitable name. Let me think on it and get back to you!
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
Good point! Let's say that this hooter is gender neutral. Name away!
mo said…
i was kind of reminded of bea i suggest:



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