What's Your Why?

A dear friend of mine just sent me this license plate picture.


I felt inclined to answer.
"Love. Spontaneity. Raw Moments."

So what's your "why"?

What things are important to you? Why do you find yourself making the decisions you make in life? Are your reasons now notably different than they were before?


Audrey said…
Oh Jamie, when I read the first question, I immediately wanted to be "funny" and write "Why aren't I rich?" But then I continued to read, and felt much more sober! I guess my "why" is this....
Why do we experience so much unhappiness with life. Why do we stop seeing the world through the eyes of a child, who thinks that everything is a miracle! I long for those days!
mo said…
My why: Honesty.

My drive is being true to self, and in doing so, being true with all those around me.

I think about my mother and what she has accomplished in her life--she wouldn't have done all that she has, had she not followed her dreams and remained true to her heart. I also think about being in college and reading "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" by James Joyce--the character's commitment to stay true to who he was, regardless of how doing so fit into family, religion, society was another influence on me to follow my why.
Angeline said…
My Why?
To always be a better person to myself and the universe.

I want the world to be strong and healthy and full of breath.

I want to be just like the world.

- Angeline

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