Book Etiquette

What do you do when you start a book that is really slow at the beginning or just doesn't seem to move you?

Is the right thing to set the book aside and move on or keep turning the pages and making it through.

I never can decide.

What do you do? How many pages do you give a book before you decide you just aren't going to give it a full read?


Audrey said…
I actually read a similar question on another site awhile ago and it made me smile. I have changed how I handle that situation. I used to FORCE myself to keep reading, convincing myself that the book would suddenly become amazingly interesting half way, 3/4 way, 7/8 of the way through. Occassionally, that would happen, but more often than not it didn't. Now, if the author hasn't "grabed" me 50 pages in, I move on to the next book!

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