Up and At Em

My sinuses are exploding. I had one of those nights where you lay in bed concentrating deeply on breathing through your mouth because neither nostril is enabling airflow. It’s funny how much time you can spending thinking your are suffocating without actually suffocating.

I got up after two hours of this to use my neti pot and for the first time ever water would not go through. That makes for a tired, swollen me.

So, for motivation on this slow starting Monday morning, I’ll share my Yogi Teabag quote, “KEEP UP!”…(which I fear I’m just not doing in so many regards. It is pointed out to me on a daily basis.)

…And, this picture of a license plate my brother shared with me (I think it was actually sent to him from his roommate’s boss, which rocks. Participation is always welcomed and encouraged here.)

I guess this license plate was on a car driven by "a couple who had to be at least in their 80's"! - I hope I still have the Up and At Em mindset in my 80's. cheers to the owners of this car.

This license plate watch is kind of catching on!!!

For my own personal motivation here are the list of things that I have to get done on this Monday, regardless of how I feel.

1. Clean out my car completely.
2. Begin to organize my clothing - My goal is to leave for vacation this Friday with a clean bedroom.
3. Find a bathing suit.


Angeline said…
neti pot? a customer told me about that. I heard it's wonderfully effective but awfully painful. How do you like?
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
I don't find it painful at all, minus maybe some slight irritation from the salt...but that is rare.

It's typically great to clear the nose out and get things moving!

Don't fear the Neti.

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