Weeding through bad to find good.

I started this night off on the wrong foot. Literally.

My ankle started bruising from a shin injury I got two weeks ago and in a moment of concern I headed over to see my Dr. Turns out there are broken blood vessels and blood is draining into my foot - like I thought and like I was told by many others. But I know only one way to ease a worried mind in my world and that is my doctor.

That issue settled I hurried home and got dressed for the gym - the thing I really wanted and needed to be doing with my night in the first place. I'm leaving for the beach and am down to the wire on time to get into shape.

Pulling out of my drive I noticed a little orange note on my door. I grabbed it. City ordinance violation - I had till tomorrow to cut all of the weeds behind my garage down or I was subject to a fine.

Now I knew why the city had come by...earlier in the week my female neighbor who does not speak to me on any regular occasion let me know that she wanted them cut. I say okay...but as life and time does...it got away from me.

It's not that I don't see the value in keeping a nice yard...it's just that I'm so far behind everywhere that something's gotta give - and a mess of weeds I can't see wins.

So she called on me.

I drove to the gym angry at her for doing so. I walked in and bought my water. Then in a defeated huff I marched back out without my workout. I had to drive home and cut the weeds and I knew it.

I had clipping shears in my hands and angrily I started chopping. There were fallen vines. There were fallen branches. The area was two years overgrown and relentless in proving the strength of roots to me.

20 minutes in the boyfriend of the woman who called on me came out and asked if he could help. And, of course i said yes. I'm not too stubborn to let help in - even if help might have been the one to call the city on me.

So we worked. And we talked. And all my anger was displaced by the feeling of productivity. And we made friends. And I'm actually happy that it happened how it did.

Truth is had they not called on me I probably would have continued to ignore the mess back there. And that's not right...I should pay more attention to upkeep.

And now in a moment that could have turned into a volley of revenge from one side of the fence to the next (while driving I was mentally making a list of ways i could get them back for inconveniencing me) we all got something that we needed.

They got a yard that looks nicer from over the fence...the yard work was a workout in itself...AND we got the chance to talk with a neighbor who has a lot more in common with us than we would have ever known.

Instead of anger we were filled with a sense of love.

So, cheers to city ordinance and finding the good in every situation. It's there. Sometimes you just have to cut through the weeds to see it. (And then be open to it when it shows its face.)


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