Too late? Never.

Someone was telling me a story about a person they heard about that was looking back over their life in their later years.

I’m retelling this story to you per my understanding of it and not in exact quotation of what was said to me, but it went something like this.

There was a person in their senior years of life that was recounting their past. They mentioned how at “middle age” they had considered taking up an instrument, but didn’t because they thought they were “too old”. Well at 80 or 90 or however old they were on the program, they said this of their realization, “wow, I could have been playing that instrument beautifully for 40 years already.”

Now, that’s perspective.

It’s easy to think that it’s too late to start doing something if we are looking backwards at life. Looking backwards means we are paying too much attention to years gone by.

If we keep our focus forward – the reality is that it’s never too late.

Do the things you want to do in life. Explore what you are curious about. Pursue your interests however flighty they may seem. And never say that a chance has gone by.

The only way to truly miss a chance is to pass it up in the moment you are in. The only moment that counts right now is right now.

What are you going to do to change or improve your life starting right now?
"See yourself as changing all the time. Encourage change in others. When you hear yourself uttering a fixed opinion, stop." - Deepak Chopra


cp said…

You should see the movie 'Up'.
mo said…
i love this entry.

mmm. mmm. good!

everyone keeps talking about the movie "up"--lets go see it jme!!!!
Queenet said…
Jamie, don't you think I'm a prime example of this post?? I shall continue to experience new avenues in life and WOW -- what a ride!!

We missed you at the graduation party yesterday!

Love,A. Elaine aka Queen Mama Mia
Audrey said…
Great post Ms Jamie! Let me tell you, that lesson really hit home for me last year! Never again will I let opportunity slide on by!
Natalie said…
Exactly! Dream big.xx

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