Karma Karma C'mon

I feel like I'm in need of some sort of karmic balancing. Things are a bit topsy turvy this week - and not in my favor (at least not at first glance.)

At the beginning of the week I went to the ATM and left my card in the slot to be eaten up by the machine. That very same day I lost my keys and was stuck searching every inch of the falls for an hour before they were located again. Yesterday I left my keys in Old Navy and got pegged in the shin during my softball game. That's a lot of haphazardness for one week.

The first time I lost my keys in CVS it was definitely a payback for my laziness. I walked into the store, grabbed a basket to put my stuff in. Threw my keys in the basket and then choose some cereal bars, which I then threw in the basket on top of the keys. After walking around I decided the CVS prices were too high for the things I needed and I was being lazy not making my way to Marcs. So I ditched the basket in the aisle, keys and all (though I didn't know it at the time), and went back to work.

Come five there were no keys and I had no clue. I went into CVS one time and the girl at the counter couldn't be bothered to leave her soup to look around - so she said they were not there. I went to giant eagle...back to the office...called the police station to see if they had been turned in...then followed a hunch and went back to CVS. I looked on every shelf and then went back to the counter where, right in front of Soup Girl, I asked the man at the counter about the keys. He turned around and found them. So that was karma. I was too lazy to put the cereal bars back on the shelf and return the basket to where it belonged...Soup Girl was too lazy to look for my keys for me. I get that.

As far as the long list of other mishaps...I really need to figure out where I've shifted my karma negative...and right my wrong.

Of course I could think to msyelf...I lost my keys to avoid a car accident. Got hit in the leg so I would get out of the game in time to save myself a head injury or something worse. So, I guess it's all perspective.

But right now I'm feeling a little beat up. Still smiling, but beat up.


Audrey said…
Sending hugs to you! And good karma ;)
Welcome to our Shoot Out gang - I am SO excited that you want to join - I know that you will have some fantastic contributions!
cp said…
It always seems when it rains it pours.

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