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To everyone I know (and don't)

I've gotten back into cherishing and sometimes photographing my Yogi teabags.

I go all weak in the knees over meaninful daily inspirations. In fact, at times I drink tea just to read the quotes.

Words are my temptation. And words that are surrounded by steam and and taste like tea - well, even better.

Today's message is really important and too easily overlooked.

In life it's so easy to focus on the things we do wrong. Our litte failures. People are eager to point them out to us...and if not careful we could make the mistake of giving them more weight than they are worth.

Plus, if we start focusing so closely on the things we do wrong we might even forget that there are enormous list of things we do right.

I myself know that I go to battle with my personal downfalls at least once a day. Throwing myself around in the rink. Weakening my worth mentally. Clouding my reality by exhausting energy on negatives.

Coincidentally, my dad said something to me this morning that really made sense.

I'm paraphrasing here, but he said - "We all have things about us that I bet we would change if we could. But that's not how it works. We are who we are."

And it's true. We are all good at some things and weak at others. There are some things we can try and try at and never improve (like me with organization).

They can be defeating for sure, but they are certainly not reason to beat ourselves up. Especially if we aren't hurting other people.

Be the best "you" you can be...but accept that you can't be perfect at everything.

You've got to "Appreciate yourself and honor your soul."

The world can be lonely and effort can truly be discouraging if we forget to appreciate who it is that we are. And that appreciation has to include an "okayness" with our little failures - because they aren't big deals. And most of the time there will be someone nearby that shines where we are a little rusty. We just have to be okay enough with ourselves to ask for help.

Have a great weekend.


cp said…
The great philosopher Popeye stated, 'I yam what I yam.' Seems fitting.

The big step is accepting that you are going to be down. And that's ok. It's who you are.

I like this one.
Anonymous said…
Jamie, you are a very wise soul. And speaking of souls, I love that line you used, "Appreciate youself and honor your soul." That is going to be my new mantra!

Have a great weekend.
cdefrank said…
You and words were meant to be. I'm glad I made one of my goals to read your blog are so good at taking things I often think about and putting them out there so they not only make you think...they make you do!

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